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We are here to partner your Board and C-Suite in delivering operationally viable solutions to complex problems in complex organisations during complex times.

We value your relationship with your clients and our relationship with our clients.

Its why we are here.

We show this value through delivering excellence, operating with integrity and ethics.

We listen and we hear.

We operate passionately and in collaboration.

We are always transparent and confidential.

Let us partner with you to deliver what you need. Governance, strategy, compliance, implementation planning, board and c-suite support or professional writing.


We’re here to help.


What does your organisation offer?  Where does it fit in the market?  How can you grow?  We partner with you to establish or review your strategy.  We collaborate with you to define an operationally achievable strategy, envision horizon views, and identify actions for today and tomorrow.

HR Business Partnering (HRBP)

In today’s war for talent, you want to attract and retain the best people to give you an organisational advantage, but what if you don’t have internal HR resources to do it?  We partner with you for advisory and operational solutions in all aspects of human resource management, from performance management coaching to formulating your employee value proposition. A HRBP is a business-facing and strategic-oriented role.  Medium and large enterprises have in-house HRBPs while smaller enterprises, including start-ups tend to go without or utilise external HRBPs.  Either way, in-house or in-partnership, HRBPs are consultants to the business, acting in an advisory role (working alongside business leaders and managers) to provide the most relevant people solutions.

Sometimes, organisations employ Human Resources (HR) Generalists who touch all elements of HR in an end-to-end capacity. Typically found within smaller/medium-sized organisations, they cater to everyone in the organisation, working in more of a hands-on capacity. Often the HR Generalist takes on tasks that the manager would otherwise do, such as performance review meetings, recruitment interviews and onboarding.

The right HRBP for your business is one that can fill the needs of your business.  That might be strategic workforce planning, daily HR operations, establishing a performance optimisation plan or working with leaders to review and set culture.

Ellvee Consulting offers a consultation and can suggest a model that will work for you.  No matter if you are a start-up that needs more resources, a budding enterprise that is growing and learning, or a more established organisation that needs some fresh eyes or extra hands.  Our HRBP service will be tailored to suit your needs.

“Our HRBP’s can offer the benefit of senior personnel without the cost”.


Good governance design and implementation results in sustainability for good organisations, good decisions and good performance.  We partner with you to establish or review your general, clinical or project governance.


Legal and ethical integrity is core to any sustainable organisation.  We partner with you to create a compliance map, plan your annual program of assurance, and develop actions for continuous improvement.  Breathe easy knowing your compliance assurance meets requirements.

Implementation Planning

Outline the activities, decisions and detailed actions needed to turn your strategy into practice.  We partner with you to formulate concrete actions for achieving goals and driving success.  Don’t let your strategy gather dust on the shelf!  Operational implementation planning is the key to translating ideas into action.

Board and C-Suite Support

Strategic leadership, practical approaches to time sensitive problems, client-focused, results oriented.  We partner with you as an extra pair of hands on the top-deck, whether it’s to fast-track your action, or give you the space and support to take a step back and look over the horizon.

Professional Writing

Reports, form letters, grant applications, case studies, proposals, advocacy statements, position papers, board reports, full document suites, or speech writing.  We can make you look good in the public space.  We partner with you as professional ghost writers, whatever your needs are.  Quick turn-around and simple processes – action when you need it fast. We find a lot of our clients have technical knowledge but they don’t know how to put this on paper. We help them get their expertise documented exactly how they need it!